Double Zero Pizza


For my second Big Taste meal I dined at Double Zero Pizza located underneath TD Sqaure at 751-4th Street SW with a really great client and friend. He had never been here before so I was excited to treat him to some good za and business chatter. I have found that a few of the restaurants really have taken "The Big Taste" to heart when it comes to portion size. We were sooo full by the end of this meal and couldn't really finish our pizza or dessert. Felt kinda gross after and it was just a bit too much food. All in all an okay meal but not the best I have had here. Here is what we dined on for $25 each:
For a starter you had a choice of mushroom soup or caesar salad. My date chose mushroom soup and said it was unique and delicious. It appeared to be a lot of pureed mushrooms and not as much cream based.
I was shocked to see my XL caesar salad... I have split this exact caesar salad with four people before so I was a bit overwhelmed... and hungry... so I ate the whole thing. Oops. It's damn good caesar salad though. The anchovy on top might throw some for a loop though ;)
My date chose the sausage and artichoke pizza which was quite good... Like I said: just a hell of a lot of food.... I always crave more cheese and maybe a dipping sauce with these pizza's too.
I chose the pepperoni pizza. It was hard to snag a photo of the pizza on the bottom of the two-tiered rack so I ended up getting a close up which did depict how greasy this particular pizza was. I found it really oily and I didn't feel so hot after consuming this one... I was only able to eat about half too.
I hate to do this to you 00 Pizza! But this dessert was...... pretty gross. It was panna cotta which is an Italian dessert made by simmering together cream, milk, and sugar and mixing this with gelatin. The problem with this is that there was so much raspberry coulee on top that it felt more like a raspberry soup which really turned us off. The best part was definitely the crunchy hazelnut and candy top. Just an all around too sweet, too soupy dessert after a rich, huge meal.
Love you Double Zero and I WILL be back.. Just not during The Big Taste ;)


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