Craft Beer Market


My work wife and I celebrated pay day/leap year by making a trek over to Craft Beer Market located at 345 10th Avenue SW. If you haven't been to Craft yet I highly recommend you traipse over there... With Canada's largest selection of draft beer (over 100 on tap- I highly recommend the grapefruit beer!) and VERY yummy pub grub, this bar has quickly shot to one of the most popular lunch/evening destinations. Reservations are recommended for lunch although they don't take reservations on weekends for group events. Here is what we had. Happy Friday everyone!
Stiegl Radler grapefruit beer on the left and 1664 Kronenbourg
Prosciutto arugula flarbread with Grana Padano cheese for $13
MmMmM Craft's macaroni and cheese is GOOD... Damn good... It is the perfect blend of crispy garlic breadcrumbs on top, creamy cheddar, gouda, mozzarella and fontina cheese sauce and bacon & poblano peppers. I particularly liked the bacon which was thin, crispy strips that tasted charbroiled... This is a definite winner for $14 and I would come back for it again. YUM!


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