CHARCUT Roast House!


Yay! The Big Taste started on March 2nd and goes until the 12th and it is 11-days of culinary BLISS! Once a year over 100 restaurants put together prix-fixe menus that range from lunch to dinner, gourmet to casual and lunches are normally either $15 for three courses or $25 and dinner is normally $35 but gourmet options are around $85 each. I started the week off with a great lunch at Charcut with my work wives which is located at 899 Center Street South, across from the Calgary Tower. If you haven't hit up Charcut yet, I highly recommend you get your keester down there... Co-owner Connie DeSousa is kind of a big deal around this city for making it so far on Top Chef Canada and the passion she has for food and cuisine is evident at her roast house. Here is what we had for our first Big Taste meal :)
Charcut gave you the choice of either the $15 or $25 lunch.. I chose the $25 (are you surprised? Pfft) which included brisket in the bottom right, grainy mustard on the left, a whole head of roasted garlic (YESSS), arugula salad with carrot and fried onions, and Charcut's amazing Parmesan fries.. and that is a warm bag of cookies in the top right! I love how they serve a lot of their lunch features on a large wooden board, even when it is not The Big Taste and include the warm bag of cookies. The brisket was much different than I expected but delicious in its own right. The flavor was incredible and it sort of had a smoked flavor.. I LOVE roasted garlic so I was pumped (more so than my husband) about an entire head all to myself- I roast garlic at home sometimes and spread it on crackers because it becomes so sweet. The fries were also REALLY good with homemade, sweet ketchup.
ARGH crap photo but this was the $15 meal with a Philly cheese steak sandwich complete with peppers, mushrooms and paired with a potato bacon soup, pickle (I was jealous of the pickle) and potato bacon soup... With a warm bag of cookies of course!
Half eaten but clearer...
I find Charcut really respectful of time at lunch- they offer a "45 minute speed lunch" which comes out piping hot and quick so you can squeeze a great lunch in one hour.. I really like the "cookies to go" idea as well so you are not scarfing your dessert down into an already full stomach. I ate mine at around 3 pm and they were a great treat.. I even warmed them up in the microwave in their little bag hehe
The $25 lunch option also included "coffee to go" for dessert. How smart is that?
LOVE CHARCUT! Even though they were my first blog post ever in a not-so-positive light, I have grown to love them and every restaurant needs at least two chances I think ;)


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