Celebrity hors d'oeuvres


This post is a little out of order but that's okay- I wanted to share with you some photos from a Celebrity hors d'oeuvre night that was our February Foreplay Friday event. What an incredible night! There were only four of us so it was truly a "four-play" Friday and we had a BLAST! We began the night at the best play I have ever seen in my life called "Ash Rising" which was a hip hop musical.. Each time the actors sang it felt like we were at a rap concert. The acting was incredible and I will NEVER forget this AMAZING piece of theater!!! After that we headed over to the Telus Convention Center for part two of the night (you could buy tickets for either or both). The Celebrity hors d'oeuvres was put on by 10 different Calgary restaurants for charity and each restaurant had a small bite served by a local celebrity. The only disappointing part is that the tickets to the second portion were $30 and then you had to buy tokens for the food samplings which were $20 for 10 tokens and a lot of the bites required 3-4 tokens.. Kind of a rip off but I suppose it was for charity... I would have had a sample of ALL of the offerings but we really had to pick and choose which was unfortunate. The celebrities were everyone from Craig Conroy to Dave Kelly to other local broadcasters. We had SO much fun and continued onto an after party later... Here are some highlights!:
Sadly this 4-token scallop served by Conroy was AWFUL! DAMMIT!
At least Craig was super cute ;)
Why oh why did my camera have to be blurry ??!!
Craig gave us complimentary "blue beef" when we told him about the scallop.. Ya I'm pretty much on a first name basis with Conroy, let's be honest. (PFFT)... We thought it was nice he gave us these for free because EVERYONE was being so strict on the amount of tokens and we were STARVING. By the end they were practically giving the samples away though which was good.
pork belly and julienne carrots from Anju
Chuck the auctioneer
Asking randoms to pose with us in the +15's. We're classy like that.
hahahaaaa oh man what a fun night!
"I need a boost"
Photo shoooot
Can't wait for this month's Foreplay Friday... Always a good time!


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