Vin Room for Chanty's birthdayyy!


Happy Birthday Chanty!!! <3
On Tuesday it was the birthday celebration for one of my very best friends, Chantalle! She managed to score some hockey tickets through work and we treated her to a super yummy dinner at Vin Room first. I have to say though, I've never done tapas with more than 5 people and I think I would keep it to 4 people maximum next time. There were 7 of us and we found that we had to order A LOT of tapas. We did leave full and tipsy though! Love Vin Room's selection of bubbly, wine and oysters. They are located at 2310 4th Street SW. Here are some highlights from our night!
Starting the night off right- with some bubbly! 20% off between 4 -7 pm
Oysters for $3 with hot sauce, lemon and an apple mignonette
These east coast oysters were super briny which Chanty loves!
Lobster nachos!!! We ordered these last time but these had even more lobster meat than usual. Amazing for $12!!!
Mmmm this was one of my favorite dishes.. Just hard to be split a number of ways so we ended up getting two orders and split them. These BC seared scallops with brussel sprouts and lemon honey were $12
"Pura Vida Beef Carpaccio" aka thinly sliced, rare slices of beef with a brassica mustard (a genus of the mustard family) for $10
Yum! This seared chorizo with baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes and fresh oregano was delicious. It was great for sharing for $12 and although I was looking forward to a big bite of sausage, the thinly sliced chorizo had a great charred flavor. Yummmm!
Mmmm. my girlfriend Courtney LOVES Mexican food and this Oaxacan Mole Chicken was so tender and DELICIOUS! We tore bits of chicken and mole into a grilled tortilla and topped with the mint cream sauce. $12
This dish was a real hit at the table. Grilled calamari, fresh mint, sweet potato, bacon and peas. It was ALL about the sweet potato and bacon. Love this dish.
Each night Vin Room has a "flight and bite" which is a tapa and a paired wine and a "Vin Plate" for $40 which is the chef's daily selection of four tapas. We ordered the Vin Plate and clockwise from the top left there was Israeli couscous with smoked mushrooms in a tomato sauce with grana padano cheese... omg DEFINITELY one of the best dishes. Israeli couscous has larger grains and I love the texture, almost like pasta. To the right of that were some fried chickpeas that didn't really do anything for me, calamari in the bottom right and this DELICIOUS "squash dahl" in the bottom left made out of lentils and squash. Who would have guessed?!
This. Was. FRicken. AMAZINGGGG! I WANT ANOTHER ONE RIGHT NOW! At the last minute... And when we were all full we decided to order one last dish.. of DUCK. I don't know how I missed this on the menu and I am so glad someone pointed it out. The duck breast was served with a brown butter squash and Saskatoon berry gastrique.Think amazing sweet potato pie combined with uber-juicy duck with a crisp skin. YAAA MAMA!
Pretty amazing row 5 seats! WOO!
Partying at the Whiskey in the Dome
Family Portrait! Meet my wolf pack! ;)
After party at Jaro Blue on 17th Avenue SW... I had so many unique martinis. Thanks James!... A little rough around the edges the next day but a super fun night.
Four words: ICE CREAM BROWNIE SANDWICHES... Why didn't I think of that? Delicious!


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