The Red Fox


Sometimes the smallest hole-in-the-wall looking dives can be the most unassuming gems right in front of your nose. The shady looking Red Fox pub located at 708 8th Avenue SW  is a prime example of this! My co-worker Kevin, featured in the photo above, heard about this place from a few friends and has been there a few times since.. First of all: the all-you-can-eat roast beef buffet is only $12 and the yorkshire puddings were AMAZING! $12?!?!?! They also had a salad bar, buns, chicken, and veg. I will be back! Here are some photos. The place was PACKED and obviously not that unknown- our waitress said we were lucky to arrive at 11:30 on a Friday, by noon it was standing room only. Yummm these might make you hungry:
I was lucky enough to snap a shot before it was carved. WOW!
Salad bar- I made the mistake of filling my plate with two much lettuce the first go around.. After plate #1 it was straight up yorkie, gravy and roast. MmmMmm! Salads were still really good and homemade though!
Yorkies, jus and a mushroom gravy... SO GOOD! Who doesn't like all you can eat yorkies?!
Half way through lunch.. They apparently slow roast this slab of meat ALL night and change the temperature at certain cooking points etc. What a beautiful piece of meat- not fatty at all either.
Potatoes and chicken which was a tad dry but flavorful
After plate #1 I went up for about three of these plates... YUMMM!


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