Maui, Part 1


After the Big Island we flew to Maui to spend 4 nights in a condo complex in South Kihei called "Kamaole Sands". Our one bedroom, two bathroom condo was perfect and the complex itself had a great pool, tennis courts and lots of snowbirds HA! We spent a lot of time taking in the sites in our rental car, we drove the picturesque Road to Hana and did an amazing "farm to table" tour at O'o Farms. Here are some highlights that I couldn't wait to share with you!:
Yay! We're in Maui
SPAM sushi at 7-11 ?! SPAM is EVERYWHERE in Hawaii
James unimpressed with my ShOpPiNg in Lahania
Found a great beach off of the highway we took a dip in after some shopping
This is the beautiful setting for "Mama's Fish House"... A seafood restaurant that I was recommended to by a number of people who have been to Maui... In fact Mama's Fish House is in the top 100 restaurants in all of the United States! We pulled up to automatic valet, two hostess check ins and THIS scenery.. I knew this meal wasn't gonna be cheap... but oh man was it delicious ;)
We were ushered to the bar to wait for our table. Hello $25 cocktail
Pretty table setting. We sort of felt like Mama's Fish House was the "place to be seen" or what "all the cool kids do". Neat to experience but not something to dine at every time you visit.
Menu which changes daily depending on what the fisherman catch
The fisherman is named in each seafood dish. Very cool.
Of all things to rave about... The bread.. WAS FANTASTIC! Homemade sweet loaf of heaven... So good the waiter foolishly asked us if we would like another loaf to which we replied yes to which was the demise of our room for dessert but so good!
Our amuse bouche was a little white asparagus soup in pottery. Cute!
Best. Calamari. Of. Our. LIVES.. Hard to see but these THICK pieces of squid were so unbelievably tender and the crispy wasabi coating was the absolute highlight of our meal... Moaning ensued... What a dish!!! Never seen slices of squid so thick.. Almost reminded me of Asian fare with large, tender slices. I believe this was $18
When on an island.. is there a better choice than SASHIMI? Aka thinly sliced, raw fish delicately garnished and plated? This trio featured opakapaka (pink snapper) on the far left, ahi tuna and salmon on the right. Each sashimi featured a special salt which is also common of Hawaii. So pretty!
James and I at dinner :)
YumMmm... I had the macadamia encrusted mahi mahi that was stuffed with crab & lobster which came with rice, asparagus and corn randomly enough. W-O-W. This is one of their most famous dishes and it was really delicious. This dish was $58 I believe... I was pretty hesitant about the price but when in Rome ;) ... My smell and taste weren't working so good by this point unfortunately but I really enjoyed everything but the corn.. You could have rolled me out by the end. HA!
James chose the mahi mahi and Big Island wild boar combo which came with fried plantains on the left, purple potato and passion fruit in the middle. In the top right you will see what looks to be refried beans.. this is actually a bland palette cleanser to be eaten between each different bite and the bottom right is a traditional Hawaiian salad of tomatoes and smoked salmon which is served at most luaus. James loved his meal!
Towels and Hawaii's famous coconut pudding for dessert
The next morning we headed to the northern hills of Maui to a place called O'o Farms that was created by chefs to provide two restaurants with fresh, locally grown produce and home grown coffee. I heard about this "farm to table" tour from my foodie soulmate, Aman, and I was super excited to check it out. First we went for a tour of the farm followed by a four course meal prepared in an outdoor kitchen for only $50 each and you can bring your own wine.
Our great tour guide!
This is a Buddah's hand citrus fruit- normally used for zest mainly
Amazing outdoor kitchen and our chef Caroline. She is setting out some pineapple, star fruit and strawberries for us to sample :)
She was such a great person and chef. She was from San Francisco but spent 6 years in Italy.. Lucky us!
Like I said- lucky for us... This was the best foccacia bread we have ever had in our lives.. Incredible!
The veggie patch
What a beautiful spot for lunch!
It was quite chilly at this elevation so we bundled up
A garden salad that we all helped pick with edible flowers, arugula, and all different lettuces

thinly sliced toppings for our salad include beets, kohl rabi, and other root veggies
Veggies picked for our lunch
Roasted carrots, beets and fresh herbs. So pretty!
Caroline made a frittata with herbs from the garden which she cooked in a cast iron skillet and served table side
Hard to see but mahi mahi and pink snapper roasted with spinach, carrots and onions. So fresh!
O'o Farms grows and roasts their own coffee so we were treated to freshly pressed coffee and decadent chocolates for dessert. I highly recommend this farm to table lunch tour in Maui!
Nothing beats a Hawaiian sunset with some vino ;)
The next day we drove the scenic Road to Hana, leaving early in the morning to avoid the traffic. What an incredible drive including a quick dip in some fresh water lava caves and waterfall pools!
There are tons of spots to buy banana bread en route.. chocolate chip yum!
James about to jump into a lava pool
Happy girl :)
Black sand beach!
Swimming in a waterfall pool
Caroline from O'o Farms mentioned the best sushi on the island is Paradise Sushi which was a hole in the wall that opened at 6 pm with a big line! We were lucky to score a seat at the sushi bar and watch the chef prepare all of the fresh sushi.
Great sushi artist
Crab seafood salad to start. It was part of the sushi combo we ordered for $35
Edamame and miso soup
OH MY!!! Look at those generous portions of fish and our spicy tuna roll. The habachi which is next to the ebi shrimp with the green garnish was incredible- melted in your mouth and the waitress suggested that we should not dip this one in soy sauce to enjoy the flavor fully.
Most expensive rainbow roll of my life... $28 but just look at all that fish.. It was the chef's specialty and it was HUGE!


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