Kona, Hawaii!


I'm BACK! And rested and nicely tanned for another... day. How has your February's been?! We had an amazing trip in Hawaii beginning on the "Big Island", which ended up being our favorite island of all. After 24 hours of travel we were elated to wake up in paradise with our soft top Jeep and tour around looking for beaches and the BEST seafood/sushi we could find. We were in Kona for three nights and stayed at the beautiful Sheraton. Here are some highlights, and of course, the FOOD!:
My first Mai Tai of the trip at the Honolulu airport. Delicious :)
Can anything beat HAWAIIAN pizza in HAWAII? Didn't think so... This was just a the airport but delicious none the less. The pineapple is so sweet and juicy.. yum :)
Nothing like waking up in paradise after 24 hours of travel. I didn't know there were two big airports on the Big Island so we landed in Hilo and had to drive 3 hours to Kona. DOH!
A little piece of sunshine for you :)
What a hunk ;)
So excited about the soft top Jeep we rented.
Neat table with the ocean to the left for breakfast at Sam Choy's in Kai Lanai, Kona
Beauty spot
YUM!!! These are "pani popo pancakes" which are buttermilk pancakes served with haupia sauce or coconut sauce and roasted macadamia nuts for $8.. Wow.. I am craving these right now. I was worried the sauce was going to be too sweet but that was definitely not the case at all! Delicious!
MmMm and I'm not normally a pancake fan at all.
And a side of bacon for Andies
James had an omelet which looked strangely familiar to his diet at home with spinach, ham and green onion... I really like how breakfast is served with brown rice instead of hashbrowns or potatoes though. I was never a fan of rice until this trip!
 What did we do our first full day in Hawaii? Watch the Super Bowl pfft. Haha! We found a bar called "Oceans" and settled in for the game with some beers and pub grub.
I suppose pub grub is the same everywhere... Here we had wings, mini-nachos, wontons and calamari. Meh wasn't too shabby but not the best.
Lychee fruit in a market
Watching the sunset from our patio at the Sheraton. Loved the sunsets.
We decided to have more of a casual dinner on our patio so we picked up an island favorite: at the top is a "poke" which is raw fish served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine. We chose ahi and avocado that was caught that day. OMFG FRESH and delicious! We got ours from "Da Poke Shop" which is rated #1 on the island. We also had the "crab and broccoli salad" below but as you can see it is mainly crab.. YUM!
Close up of the poke. They made it fresh right in front of us and we came at closing so they could only do a half pound minimum which is what this is.. The funny part is that we have never had poke before and didn't know what it was but Urban Spoon said this was the best place to get it.. Wow was it ever good!
Our favorite place for a cheap, take-out breakfast. L & L! We had fried egg sandwiches and omelets.
James took me on a date that started in a traditional boutique :)
Coffee tour at Kona Big Sky coffee
Coffee and my favorite- chocolate covered macadamia nuts and coffee beans
They use banana trees to shade the coffee plants
We drove through this super cool lava park that a local told us about which hides a gorgeous beach at the end
The beautiful hidden beach!
Sushi for lunch.. Washed down with an XL Japanese beer yum!
veggie and shrimp tempura to start. James thought it would be our "healthy portion" haha not so much
Look at the cute boat our sushi came on and fresh flower arrangement on the end! So pretty :)
Close up. Great detail and presentation.
These were the spicy crunch volcano rolls... Let it be known this was definitely not the best sushi we had on our trip and this dish is kind of an example of that. I found it quite unappetizing when the plate was set down and I sort of had to dig for our sushi. I didn't like the spicy sauce either reminded me of salsa. Not my fav dish.
Special scallop- our favorite! These were nice and fresh.. Although a bit room temperature. I know you can't beat the fresh fish in Hawaii but coming from a landlocked person I always like nice, cold sushi... The fish is so fresh it's often not ice cold or recently defrosted here though. :p
Oh Kona.. I miss you already!!!


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