After our 8 night stay on Maui we flew onto the oldest island in Hawaii often referred to as the "garden isle", Kauai! The flight was only one hour and landing on this beautiful island was breathtaking. Imagine hills and mountains of jungles, relaxed surfer towns and gorgeous turquoise waters. Kauai definitely had a chill vibe and was also the setting for the recent film The Descendants. Because this was the gold level of the incentive trip that only 19 consultants in Canada earned we were treated like royalty... Literally! We checked into the ultra lux St. Regis hotel complete with pool boys who walk you to your lounge chair, set up your towels, bring over a dish of sunscreen and cold water and celebrities! The first day we were there we were sitting poolside with Pierce Brosnan. What an incredible experience and definitely nothing we could afford to do on our own. Here are some highlights of our great three day, two night stay... It was difficult to leave! ;)
Waiting with delicious guava & blueberry juice as we entered
So excited here! Finally a fresh flower lei too :)
The beautiful lobby- the view out of those windows was incredible
Our room.. See the glass window to the bathroom? That fogged with the flick of a switch. Neat!
The view from our "grassy knoll"... We were lucky enough to score a balcony.
Pool boy getting us situated! ;)
Hammock FAIL! I spun right around HAHA!
Poolside lunch yet again... The only problem with staying at an uber luxurious resort is paying the luxurious prices.. This shrimp cocktail was $18.. very pretty although a tad small for lunch.
The poolside food was REALLY good here though.. Especially this Angus burger on a very fresh ciabatta bun that came with fried onions and fries for $22. A lot of people ordered this again and again. It always sounds weird in the States to hear "how would you like your burger cooked?"... How about.. COOKED! ... I did enjoy a few "medium" burgers though just because ;)
Celebrating gold with a $22 glass of champagne!
Flags on the lounge chairs to raise for service. Wowza!
Me excited for room service that we ordered!
Ever wondered what $110 room service looks like? HA! We made the mistake of ordering a bunch of little things such as sides of toast, plate of fruit etc instead of two big meals and it bit us in the ass... The smoked salmon and granola/yogurt that I ordered was superb... Another problem is that 40% of the bill was service/delivery charges and then James tipped on top of that. OOPS!
The pool boys came around with spears of pineapple and frozen grapes.. WOW!
Frozen grapes
Another Playgirl shoot? HA!
Mmmm margarita flatbread.. Yep getting into flatbread again and this was to die for!
Pork sliders for $18
Final night in paradise having some pre-dinner cocktails on the sunset balcony. What a view!
Pineapple mojito on the left and a bellini on the right
Right before our farewell dinner began
Beautiful place settings for our final dinner.. I love the embroidered table cloth with sea creatures and candle light.
Menu for the buffet
Dessert.. tapioca pudding, espresso mousse or chocolate cake
I ate..them ALL! More like James piled them in front of me when I went to the bathroom. What a brat!
Great dinner with good people :)
Final poolside food- more Angus burgers!
I had the pasta with pesto, artichokes and asparagus
Each night at 5:30 pm the St. Regis shears a bottle of champagne open
The bottle post-shearing with a sabre


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