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Sorry for the delay in posts this week- been super busy and haven't had time! Last night I was SO pumped to dine at a restaurant (I know... I always say this..) that I've been DYING TO TRY! WO PIZZA or "Without Papers Pizza" is a cozy second floor restaurant overlooking Inglewood at 1216, 9th Avenue SE serving up "new world pizza" accompanied by affordable wine and beers. I've heard that this pizzeria gets their name from proudly not being a part of the "Napoletana Pizza Association" which has to approve each ingredient and technique in order to be part of the society. Pulcinella in Kensington is a member of the association and does abide by the rules which originated in Naples, Italy.
Without Papers has had rave reviews from foodies and the popular hangout also features homemade ice cream, floats and local soda. Although they do not take reservations they do have free local delivery! Chantalle and I headed there last night after work and we were NOT disappointed! Here is what we had :)
To start we shared a shaved fennel, frisee lettuce, poached pear, super thinly sliced prosciutto and parmigiano salad for $12. Totally out of the box and SO delicious. They do not have to many starters to choose from with just a few salads, house-marinated olives, beef & pork meatballs or an assorted meat and cheese plate but we were happy with our selection. The poached pear went great with the prosciutto.. NUM!
And the real star of the show- PIZZA! This is the "SHROOM" pizza with wild mushrooms, truffle oil, arugula, and roasted garlic truffle panna for $21. Oh man this was delicious! I love anything involving truffle and wild mushrooms. Loved the char flavor on the crust as well.. :)
Oh wow... This pizza took the cake for us! We shared both and this was our favorite and the most popular pizza they serve: "HUTCH" features spicy cacciatore salami, spicy calabrese salami, pepperonata, mozzarella, fiore di latte (mozzarella made from cow's milk), peppers and tomato sauce for $18. WOWZA! This pizza had the perfect amount of salt and spice that you look for when biting into a steaming piece o' za. I want another one of these RIGHT NOW! You have to check this place out!
We were looking for something to dip our crust in and the waitress suggested meat sauce which is one of the only sides they have for dipping and also served us chiffonade of basil (cut into long, thin strips), fresh parmigiano and chili flakes. Nice to see quality ingredients presented beautifully.
Check out WO PAPERS! We ordered a great bottle of house red for only $27! Another favorite pizza is "Baby Doll" with roasted chicken, eggplant, artichokes, tomatoes, goats cheese, asiago and tomato sauce.... I want to head back for the four cheese... Love tasting each cheese's unique flavor.


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