Weekend in Photos :)


Happy Monday! Hope you are staying warm in these extremely frigid conditions and driving safe. I suppose this is more seasonal than the balmy temperatures we have been receiving.. I hope it stays like this while I am in Hawaii and snows a TON! I know... I'm evil. Take a peek at the photos below that my new phone took! I'm impressed with the quality of camera on my phone FINALLY after years of dealing with a BlackBerry camera that didn't even have a flash.
I had a great weekend with James scrapbooking our entire Europe trip and relaxing before a few busy weeks hit with Pampered Chef- I always find the end of the month the busiest. Here are some highlights from my weekend!:
On Friday night I got my hair did! Even blonder than usual.
After my hair appointment a good friend of mine and I headed to Coach and Horses in Midnapore for some pub grub... I decided to throw the diet aside for tonight. He had a pepperoni pizza with homemade dough and full fat mozza as you can see from the deep brown in the cheese. OMG was this ever good! I thought I had eaten their pizza and disliked it but apparently not!
I decided on fish and chips/salad and wished I would have chose pizza... The cod was great but the batter was pretty thick and I'm picky and picked a lot of it off... Shoulda ordered the za but luckily I still got a few pieces! The coleslaw and salad were really good though.
What do you think? Our pot and pan drawers can't even close...
MoNsTeR CoOkiE.. My favorite and the I cut into slices like a pizza
Football playoffs, beer and scrapbooking. HELLA GOOD WEEKEND!


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