Vintage Chophouse ... again... ;)


As many of you know- Vintage Chohouse on 11th Avenue SW is one of my favorite restaurants, if not my favorite restaurant in the city. Their mac n' cheese is unbelievable and I crave it all the time. What a good restaurant is normally trying to achieve are regulars that will come back again and again for the same thing- Vintage has me hook, line and sinker. Although it seems to be plated differently every time I come and will either be topped with cheese or panko bread crumbs, the quality cheeses and truffle oil always has me from the first bite. Yesterday a few gals from work and I headed there to dish into one of our favorites! We just hired a new gal who had never heard of Vintage so we had to initiate her into our favorite spot! She had a half order and ate about half so not sure if she liked it as much as we did but truffle oil can be a polarizing ingredient. Looks like I only took photos of what I ate because we all ate a variation of these three dishes. HA! No wonder I couldn't finish my mac- what a feast! The mac and cobb salad were double the size as the last time I was in... Not that I am complaining ;) ... Happy Friday!:
First food photo with my fancy new space ship phone: the Galaxy S 2! Love it but it's definitely a learning curve. Here is a butternut squash bisque. A true bisque would be clear so this was more like a cream of butternut squash soup with a perfectly buttery croissant... So fresh! I love Vintage's soups- I try to order them every time I because they are served with a biscuit, scone or pastry and in a beautiful piece of pottery. Although squash isn't technically in season this soup was comforting on a winter day.. (+14 out?!?!)
I have yet to have a cobb salad that beats Vintage's. This is a half cobb if you can believe it. Quite a healthy portion but nothing can beat the creaminess that is created when you mix up the avocado, blue cheese, egg and dressing. SO DAMN GOOD! The chicken is also free range rotisserie so it's super tender and juicy. ORDER THIS! ;)
The infamous mac served in a cast iron mini skillet. The creaminess and flavor of the cheese and truffle always sends me over the edge. The full order is a round version of this cast iron dish. I really liked the crunch from the panko but this time I could have used some extra melted cheese right under the panko.. Why not? haha!


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