Piero's Pizzeria


On Friday after work one of my besties and I headed for a few drinks before I had to leave for a Pampered Chef show.. We initially stopped to pick up some vino at our favorite wine store and ended up dining at a little hole in the wall called "Piero's Pizzeria" located in the strip mall at 3220 28th Street SW. When we walked in to take a look at the menu we were overwhelmed by the welcoming personality of the owner, Piero Perrotta, who offered us a free beer and to take a peek and their pizza pie!:
Moretti Italian beer.. much better than the Corona I originally ordered ;)
Piero suggested an Italian beer which was a great idea considering his family is from Southern Italy and were on their way with a fresh batch of meatballs.. Hilarious! We HAD to order some pizza. In fact the Italian sausage, roasted peppers, pizza sauce and pasta sauce are all made in house. A few regulars cozied up to the bar with us to have a pint with us and we had a great chat with them about the quality ingredients Piero uses. Here is the pizza we ordered:
You can tell just by looking at it that they use quality ingredients.. We chose the La Calabria pizza for $21 which had tomato sauce, hot calabrese salami (great quality Italian cut), pepperoncino, blend of dried chiles, mushrooms, red onions and their house blend of cheeses. It's hard to stumble across a quality pie and fortunately this made the grade!
Check out Piero's Pizzeria! Wouldn't you rather support a local business than some conglomerate like Boston Pizza?! ME TOO! :)


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