The Keg 1101 5th Street SW


How adorable is my co-worker Becky!?
Today we had our biggest meeting of the year at work and we celebrated by heading to The Keg for lunch afterwards. I've never been to the Mount Royal location located at 1101 5th Street SW but the lounge is a popular haunt for business execs and drop-in diners. The food was great, as per usual, and we had a fun lunch and a nice glass of vino. Here is what we had!:
*SHOCKER*.. Mushroom Neptune- one of my favorite foods!
Cute Becky had the mustard salmon with a honey, Dijon and whole grain mustard glaze. The salmon was a bit overcooked unfortunately and she mentioned it was not the best salmon she have ever eaten but man can they make a caesar salad! Big slices of fresh Parmesan shaved on top... Yum :)
California Club with grilled chicken, bacon, avocado and tomato
I had the prime rib sandwich for the first time AMAZING!!!


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