Kamloops & Sun Peaks!


For James' 30th birthday celebrations we continued onto Kamloops, BC where we had a delicious dinner at Hoodoos at Sun Rivers located at 1000 Clubhouse Drive in Kamloops. I really love Kamloops with its sweeping valleys and this restaurant overlooked the entire city. Afterwards we headed for a 5 night ski trip to Sun Peaks Ski Resort. I was able to get a chalet over New Years and we had a big party to ring in the New Year. Fun trip! Here are some highlights:
Although Hoodoos did have a "two can dine for $70" special- the selections weren't too appealing so we ordered a la carte. We started with sauteed prawns and pistachios with garlic, basil, red onions in a white wine butter sauce with a garlic crostini for $11.95. Super good! I've never eaten prawns paired with pistachios before- delicious.
OH man this soup was good! BBQ salmon chowder for $8.25. You could really taste the BBQ flavor and salmon.
James and I always have a joking "competition" about who orders the better meal- this time I definitely won! This is the seafood linguine with prawns, scallops, mussels, crab, baby shrimp in a Cajun cream sauce. Oh man this sauce was delicious!!! Super good meal for $19.50
James chose the grilled 8 oz. sirloin steak with roasted garlic mashed potatoes with a side of scallops... The scallops and potatoes were good but the steak was quite grisly and tough unfortunately. I guess it's hard to compare to Alberta beef ;)
Perfect dessert- chocolate mousse. So good. Happy Birthday James! See the lights of the city in the background? (He always has to make sure that my back is to the kitchen- otherwise I am constantly looking and thinking our food is up and just sitting there. HA!)
Chalet at Sun Peaks- beautiful view and private hot tub. The calm before the storm!
Beautiful view from the hot tub!
Party time!
Chalet day! The first day some of us hung out in the chalet and had a fun lazy day including three layer nachos WITH Munchies in the middle. NuMmM
Oh! The skiiers are back ;)
"Hooding" became a popular game... Exhibit A.
Exhibit B
BAHAHA. Like our tableau? And my new scarves?!
Sun Peaks village- it reminded us of Prague of all places! Very European
The pub "Bottoms" at the bottom of the ski hill for lunch on New Years Eve
Deep fried pickles!!!
What is a ski trip without POUTINE?!
Beef dip and salad
Chicken fingers and poutine
My French Onion soup. Super good!
Burger and curly fries. That looks hella good!
Pulled pork sanny
New Years Eve!
We decided to class it up a bit ;)
or not ;)
Speech! SPEECH!
On New Years day we headed to the Italian restaurant in the village: Bella Italia Ristorante. I was really looking forward to some good Italian but unfortunately this restaurant really fell short for me. The bruschetta was really unflavorful and WARNING: if you see bruschetta on the menu served with pita my experience is that it is always lack luster. Look for fresh bread or crostini.
I ordered this "Gnocchi Minestrone" thinking there would be.. GNOCCHI in it.. I suppose there were two or three but super disappointed and the chunks of vegetables were a bit too filling for a soup.
Garlic prawns as an appy.
This was probably the best dish- fettucini alfredo with prawns. Yum! I love cream sauces... Unfortunately this is not what I ordered.
Carina chose the wild mushroom ravioli with their signature marinara sauce. She really liked this dish! :)
My canneloni reminded me of frozen lasagna or something. Not a fan.
Recovery Day! Happy New Year everyone!!!


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