Home Tasting Room


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have an awesome weekend. We are headed to a wedding at the Banff Springs which we are looking forward to :). Yesterday I took a great client to Home Tasting Room located on Stephen Avenue at 110 8th Avenue. The cozy dining room wasn't too busy and I'm not sure they have gotten the word out there much but the lunch menu is great with starter plates, sharing plates (a bit bigger than an appy, meant for sharing), and entrees. Home offers a wide variety of wine and there are daily creations from their executive chef, Geoff Rogers. We decided to split four sharing plates for fun and here is what we had :):
I felt as though we needed a salad in the mix so we chose the a Caesar salad with crispy pancetta (the best part!),  hand-torn ciabatta croutons and an anchovy garlic dressing. Delicious and we loved the homemade croutons although besides that it wasn't especially unique for $14
Oh MAN this was good! The highlight of our meal for sure. Ricotta & herb gnocchi, parmesan cheese, braised black kale, beech mushrooms (small, wild mushrooms) and chili oil for $15. The gnocchi was cooked perfectly and I was surprised how scrumptious this was without a sauce for the gnocchi.
We chose the cheese tasting board for $20.. I found this one to be really overpriced for the quantity of cheese that we got. The best part was DEFINITELY the amazing house steeped lavender honey to add on to your cheese. All of these cheese were sharp and delicious.. The one on the far left reminding us of parmesan almost. There was also a roast shallot chutney in the back right which went well with the honey and the cheese. I don't recall the waitress informing us of the cheese selection though and if she did I didn't catch it....
Charcuterie Board for $21... Also not cheap. Today the board featured air dried bison, paprika salami and Hungarian salami with pickled vegetables, crostinis, house made mustard and a pork rilletes. I'm not a huge fan of rillettes but you can see it in the top left and it is similar to a pate with meat that is cubed or chopped, salted heavily and then cooked slowly in fat until it is tender enough to be shredded.. Kind of reminded us of chicken salad or something. The house made relish & mustard was the highlight on the board for me as I found the pickled carrots much too salty and had a strong taste of vinegar. I also wouldn't have minded more of a diversity in the meat instead of mainly all salami or some sort.


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