Foreplay Friday 2012!


Right before the theater grabbing a bevy ;)
Once a month a name is drawn in our circle of girlfriends to host the next "Foreplay Friday".. Foreplay Friday was originated to guarantee a fun, out of the box girl's night doing something original. This past Friday was the first Foreplay Friday in 2012 and we had an awesome night! We had dinner at Milestones on Stephen Ave followed by a walking tour featuring five difference performances at the Epcor Center as part of Calgary's "High Performance Rodeo". The High Performance Rodeo runs until this Saturday, January 28th and features theater, music, comedy, visual art and more. What a unique experience! For only $15 we saw "Behind the Curtain" by Swallow-A-Bicycle theater and witnessed everything from monologues to silly rollerskating acrobats to visual art. After the performance we headed to The Bank and UBU for a fun filled night. Here are some highlights!:
Seafood fettucini for $17.99 at Milestones. YUM!
Kobe beef sliders with a mustard sesame sauce.. these were just ok.
California spring salad $16.79. Good except for the overdressed lettuce
MmMm this was SO good! flat bread, French bread, roasted garlic, goat cheese and cranberry relish and fig compote. What a yummy snack for only $8.99
Record number of ladies! 21 YAY! Unfortunately my camera battery was dead so these are all phone photos hurumph :(
Pretty ladies :)
Beginning of High Performance Rodeo- these were our hilarious tour guides!


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