Earls 32nd Avenue & Barlow


Mark and I on my wedding day :)
My cousin Mark, from Red Deer, popped into town on Saturday and we decided to meet close to the airport as he was picking my aunt up. Mark has always played a special part in my life growing up- I looked up to him and thought of him as an older brother who all of my girlfriends had crushes on when I was a teenager. It was nice to see him and I thought Earls would be perfect as it has been a family favorite for years. When I was a kid we went to Earls every single Saturday for lunch to have their delicious hot wings and us kids would normally split a chocolate milkshake and chicken tenders. Because we frequented the Southport location so much, us kids used to get tours of the kitchen and refrigerator with the glow-in-the-dark handle.. I think this is where my love of food may have spawned. If you have never tried Earls wings, you are missing out. In my opinion they are the best in the city. So unbelievably moist and full of flavor due to the fact they are made to order and the chicken is NOT frozen! You can tell they use really good quality chicken. Here is what we had:
MmMm .. I believe they actually use Frank's red hot sauce tossed with a big of vinegar and the "parm dip" for dipping has actually won awards. Definitely my favorite wings!
My cousin had the Caesar salad with garlic chicken. SO good!
I was excited to see gnocchi on their feature menu with a spicy marinara sauce. The gnocchi was cooked perfectly soft and then pan fried for a bit of crunch. Not sure how I felt about the creme fresh on the top as my taste buds were acting up.. I seem to prefer my gnocchi tossed and coated but it was the perfect, pillowy texture which is always so comforting.


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