Diet Fooood....


TWO SLEEPS TIL BINGE DAY! Yep.. on the whole no carbs, no sugar train right now and it's actually going pretty damn well. If your looking to drop some weight quickly before a trip and feel SLIM I highly recommend it! After the sugar and carb overdose at Christmas most of my jeans were having trouble zipping up and I felt like crap.. One of the biggest things that has made a difference for me is a big breakfast full of protein instead of sugars and carbohydrates. (James is probably laughing hysterical reading this as he has to feed a pouty, tired, grumpy little baby dragon who does NOT like to get up in the morning and does NOT like to eat a huge breakfast and here I am saying how great it is. HA!) James gets up to go to the gym in the morning and spoils me with a huge, hot breakfast. I feel bad that I sometimes complain at the huge portion of scrambled eggs, green beans, refried beans and ham or another protein waiting for me. Who the hell feels like eating that at 6 am?! Sometimes a girl just needs a pastry and a coffee dammit!!! It's true that starting your day with protein will alter your metabolism for the better and get your body going with tons of energy. Here is a link about "why women can't lose weight"... So interesting!
It's important to SET a binge day so you can go all out, schedule it and not feel guilty. We are planning for pizza and grilled cheese! I AM CRAVING CHEESE! Found it really interesting and TRUE! Here are some examples of meals we have:
Last night's dinner. Lettuce wraps! Cottage cheese instead of sour cream or cheese, ground beef with lentils, spices, onions and refried beans. Refried beans are one of my favorites now. They have a creamy texture and almost remind me of mashed potatoes which obviously contain too many carbs.
Oh man we have been eating A LOT of bean salad.. I initially HATED this concoction with green, black, and red kidney beans in it but James makes a big batch on Sunday each week with some good quality balsamic vinegar and basil so I take it as a snack for work all the time. The best part about it is that it fills me up for a good few hours and my stomach LOVES IT! hahaha. As soon as I start eating it my stomach starts grumbling all happily and I have found I have a lot less stomach aches. You have to be careful with garbanzo beans- they are similar to almonds in the way that a few are good but if you eat a ton they contain a lot of fat.
I have been eating A LOT of low fat cottage cheese for protein and berries which have low sugar. Definitely my favorite snack!
There's been a whole lot of this!
and a lot of green curry served over bean sprouts instead of rice or noodles.
One of my favorite breakfasts is this "cheesy pesto scrambler" with cottage cheese, eggs, pesto and I cut up some tomatoes on top.
Oh man this is a delicious appetizer!!! You take whole dates, pit them and slice them not completely in half and then fill them with either cream cheese or goat's cheese. The EASIEST appetizer of all time and people never believe how good they are. Dates are awesome for fiber too.
Turkey pepperoni makes for a good snack
I've come to love turkey bacon... It's saltiness and crunch is very similar to true bacon!
and by that I don't mean a true bacon turkey! ;)


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