Cora's Okotoks


A well kept secret is Cora's in Okotoks- while the 130th Avenue SE edition is normally lined up out the door during the weekend, we have NEVER had to wait in Okotoks! I love how Cora's serves a huge selection with fruit each meal and that you leave feeling satisfied... I normally opt for a "latte bowl" which is a large latte with no handle on the cup which are commonly served in Quebec. James and I dined here on Saturday morning since we were getting sick of our usual breakfast fare. Here is what we had:
James opted for the "10 Star" which is an omelette made with bacon, ham, sausages, Frankfurters, bologna, spinach, green onions, red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms and cheddar... Quite a mouth full- literally. The dish is also served with roasted potatoes and toast, not that you need the extra toast but I had a nibble anyways ;)
Most of our breakfast's or snacks will consist of cottage cheese and fruit so we got some on the side.. I thought the presentation was really pretty and thought out.
I had a fresh fruit cup with yogurt, Devonshire cream and muesli
Now don't all go running to Okotoks for breakfast! I like not having to line up at any time on the weekend ;)


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