Christmas in BC!


First photo of the trip! Dinner at Emo's in Revelstoke. Every time we head to Williams Lake we split the trip up by spending one night in Revelstoke en route which is about half way. The Revelstoke Lodge is a great place to stay and there are some yummy restaurants near by
Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a fabulous holiday and feel refreshed for 2012! We spent the break in BC starting with a night in Revelstoke, a great family Christmas in Williams Lake and a 30th birthday celebration for James at Sun Peaks resort. Wowza! We also had some great eats.. As in +10 lbs kind of eats. Meh... what can you do? It's the holidays. Here are some highlights and the food we ate!
James has gotten me SO hooked on Hawaiian pizza. I used to always say "fruit doesn't belong on pizza" and we always used to get half and half.. But then I started having bites of the sweet and juicy Hawaiian and it would always be better than my usual pepperoni and mushroom. They say that your palete matures at the age of 21 and you should revisit all of the foods you disliked in your youth. I definitely agree!
On the road again! En route to Williams Lake hahaha
We stopped in Cache Creek, BC at "HUNGRY HERBIES" for an incredible burger and some fried chicken.. We were going to go to Dairy Queen but we have one of those in Calgary- so glad we decided to step outside the box and tried this unique place that serves breakfast, burgers, milkshakes, golden fried chicken, poutine and a bunch of other roadside classics. We even stopped on the way back because the burger was THAT damn good.
Mmmm I had the fried chicken "snacker" with fries and coleslaw and to the left is James' healthy meal of onion rings and one incredibly juicy and delicious burger. Holiday feeding frenzy has begun!
Can't get this one to flip but... THAT'S a burger!
Williams Lake
On Christmas Eve my mother in law took Shonna, my sister in law, and I to the adroable Yello Umbrella/Thyme for Tea! This super cute tea house located in 150 Mile House has a great gift shop and even better food. With an entire menu full of tea there is a lot to choose from and the staff are so unbelievably friendly. There is something about this place that screams "coming home" and comfort. LOVE IT!
They have so many different colors of tea cups, saucers and I love the tea leaf strainer and holder for it. CUTE! Such a fun ladies day :)
Pouring the tea from it's handmade cozy through the strainer.
The soup of the day was creamy tomato basil. OH. MY. WORD. Incredible is one of the adjectives I can think of to describe this soup. Super creamy, sweet and plum full of chunks of tomatoes. The gold fish provided a great crunch as well. YUM!
Vicky had the market special with a salad (look at the itty bitty salad dressing holder!), half of a sandwich and a cup of soup in a tea cup. Is this a perfect meal or is this a perfect meal!?
Shonna chose the flavorful mac n' cheese baked in a pretty pottery dish. Love how we got candy canes and a fun garnish too. It's all about the details! Christmas Eve is the last day The Yellow Umbrella is open until around March so it was special to be there for the last day of the year.
I was craving pastry so I settled on one of the quiches of the day. This one is a sundried tomato, feta and spinach slice- easily the best quiche I have ever had.
On Christmas Eve it is James and my family tradition to go for a drive and look at Christmas lights followed by Chinese food and a candle lit church service. Perfect night :)
For Chinese dinner we went to Mings located on Oliver Street and had a feast! We all started with egg rolls which were quite big and a tad greasy but oh so satisfying haha.
Beef & broccoli. Yum!
Chicken fried rice

Almond chicken served with almond gravy which was pretty similar to chicken gravy. So interesting how each province and even city has such different Chinese cuisine
Shonna & TJ's favorite! Sweet and sour prawns. The sweet & sour sauce is to the right there- these were super good
Prawn curried chop suey- aka. veggies with whatever type of chop suey you choose.
BC version of "ginger beef".. I love Szechuan dishes that come sizzling! This was similar to beef and broccoli except there were thinly sliced pieces of ginger. Unique!
Amazing penguin Christmas light display. So detailed!
Shonna and Andrea exceptionally excited for Christmas morning! So happy to have my sister there :)
Shonna's world famous PINAPPLE BUNS! Her family has been making these for decades on Christmas morning- they are filled with pinapple, warmed up and served with a buttercream icing that melts into them... Aka HEAVEN! What an awesome tradition. I guess her great grandmother used to use jams before pineapple was so abundant.
James jokingly had only one present under the tree for me but when I opened it up there were a bunch of small ones. YAY!
cute couple
Christmas night!
James' dad Barry makes the most incredible turkey. These free range turkey's are from a family friend and they are some of the juiciest I have EVER had. This puppy is around 29 lbs. and we had tons of turkey and stuffing left over. What's your favorite fixing?! I'm OBSESSED with stuffing and my mom's sweet potato pie. YUM!
Dinner for 16
Boxing Day Bowling in "The Puddle" aka. Williams Lake
Beer time at the bowling alley! It is Boxing Day after all ;)
Us kids carried on to Oliver's Pub to have some pub grub for dinner! The burger was on special and looked fab. I have no idea how I ganied 10 lbs ?! HAHA!
James got a pulled pork wrap of all things... said it was delicious. Man I love me some good pub grub!
Chicken Fingys
Philly cheese steak beef dip with a French onion soup for me- I have been so into beef dips lately!
Party time at the "OV" aka. The Overlander Hotel where everyone parties on Boxing Day
Deluxe supreme za at the OV. AKA resting place for my phone that was stolen off this very table :(
Salmon salad at the OV... Who orders salad at a pub ;) Just jokes Steve! You officially have a shout out on the bloggie~!


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