Boston PizzZzA


BINGE DAY! On Saturday we had a joyous time scarfing our faces off and enjoying everything from monster cookies to pizza to pub grub... Gotta love it! It was quite a night for sports on Saturday with my husband drooling over football playoffs, the Flames game AND the UFC fights. We headed to Boston Pizza to take in some of the action and, let's be honest, it's one of the only places I would agree to that had good food and was playing the game! I often crave Boston Pizza za even though I do find it to be wildly overpriced for what it is.. I guess you pay for consistency... Here is what we had:
Cactus cut potatoes for $8.99.. Essentially overpriced chips but James loves them and always gets them to fry them twice til crispy- he used to work at Boston Pizza when he first moved to Calgary over a decade ago and said they used to get these sent back all the time because they were too soggy. Get them to dip em twice ;)
James got the infamous Tropical Chicken pizza which is essentially a Hawaiian pizza with Alfredo sauce instead of tomato and chicken instead of ham.. One of our favs.. Once again- a tad overpriced- the large version is a whopping $27.99.
I get the same thing every. single. time. at Boston Pizza. A small pepperoni and mushroom with a side of meat sauce for dipping my crust in... Can't beat the mushrooms and salty pepperoni.. NUMMM!
Anndddd Sunday dinner.. Spaghetti squash, salmon and green beans... :p


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