Blowfish Sushi Lounge


MmMmM SUSHI! Do you crave sushi as much as I do? Maybe it's because it is not something I would whip up at home. EVER.. haha. Maybe one day I should give it a go but I prefer to leave it to the pros. I made the trek over on Friday to meet a client who works near the restaurant and it was so worth the walk! I really feel that Blowfish, located at 625-11th Avenue SW is one of the best sushi restaurants in the city. The maki rolls do take some time to come out but you are rewarded with unique sushi that offers diverse ingredients. I still want to head back to try their "Maui Roll" which has pineapple but my lunch date isn't huge on sweets ;). You can see my previous review including volcano rolls shaped as volcanoes here. This is what we noshed on this past Friday:
Miso soup that was chalk full of veggies which I have never seen in miso before. There were carrots, celery, green onion, and big chunks of tofu. Delicious! You can also get crab miso but it is a larger portion and I think the crab flavor might be lost and it wouldn't be worth the extra cost.
The waitress mentioned that the tuna was really fresh so we got these spicy tuna rolls which were mighty spicy with the jalapeno on top. Love the spicy mayo on the plate as well. The tuna inside the roll was really creamy for $12. :)
MMM! The Kamikaze roll was my favorite for $15. Tons of crunch and a lot of different fish in one roll described as "an explosion of tuna, salmon, and avocado topped with Blowfish's signature crunch and spicy mayonnaise"
This is the Blowfish Special for $16.50 (not cheap... I'm moving to Vancouver!) with tempura shrimp, tobiko, and cream cheese enveloped in salmon and mango and topped with a sweet sauce.. I LOVE this roll! It was a bit too sweet for my date though unfortunately... Too bad.. DELICIOUS! HAHA! ;)
Smoked salmon nigiri.. Thought it was weird that only one of them had some roe ?


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