Sakana Grill


MmMmM SUSHI! My obsession continues... Went for lunch on Monday with a new friend to Sakana Grill located at 116 2nd Avenue right beside China Town. We got to talking about sushi recently and she mentioned this is her favorite place in the city. The fish was really clean and fresh (clean meaning it didn't taste fishy) and Sakana also features grill-side dining similar to Japanese Village with a lot of steak and teppan selections. Sakana also has a floating sushi bar, sushi school and takes reservations. We sat on the perimeter of the restaurant instead of the teppan grills and here is what we had. Yum!:
We chose some tuna and salmon sashimi  combo as an appy  for $12.20 and what a nice way to start the meal. I liked how the fish was served on ice and really cold instead of room temperature. Great presentation as well and the fish was so fresh.
The reason Sakana is Kim's favorite sushi restaurant are these little dandies on the left- spicy prawn roll. They were very delicious indeed tossed in mayo and sprinkled with smoked paprika. A tad bit hard to eat because of the seaweed wrap on the outside but that's what sushi is all about. On the bottom right you will see the Sakana roll with tuna, salmon and cucumber for $4.90 and in the top right is the Sake Avocado roll with tuna and avocado for $3.20- great price!
Dynamite roll with prawn tempura, smoked salmon, roe and avocado for $10.95. Loved the mayo drizzled on top.


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