NOtaBLE is a restaurant I have been dying to try since I watched Michael Noble prepared a meal for small group and I at Cookbooks Co. Cooks a number of years ago. I remember Chef Michael Noble stating he wanted to open a restaurant in the suburbs because people "eat where they live" in this city... Located at 4611 Bowness Road NW, Michael has accomplished that and so much more. Advertising "come as you are" and "gourmet casual" cuisine NOtaBLE has received rave reviews and strong foodie following. The cozy dining room features an open kitchen, daily rotisserie creation and homey furnishings such as tree trunk walls and glass fence post lighting. What a treat! James booked here for my birthday and it was the best meal we've had in a LONG time. NOtaBLE has private dining, walk in seating, reservations and even a take-out menu! James had reservations for two months for my birthday and although we found the service a tad slow because it was so busy we had an incredible meal... Here's what we ate!:
Oh. My. I loved the fact that a lot of the appetizers you could have as a starter to share OR an entree! I don't think I've ever seen that before.. Brilliant. This is the Dungeness crab & shrimp bake with wilted spinach, aged cheddar and toasts for $16. One of the best dips we have ever had. Huge pieces of shrimp and the flavor... Ohhh the flavor. Very decadent. Think cheese and butter and heaven. Wow.
James is so great to dine with. If I am debating between two dishes he will always order the other one so I can try it. Match made in heaven! haha. He chose (or my other choice) was the famous rotisserie free range chicken with seasonal vegetables. Loved the rub on the chicken and the carrots tasted candied. Outstanding for $27 and super moist.
They had me at roast mushrooms and Boursin... I chose the entree sized ravioli of confit chicken, roasted mushrooms and Boursin cheese for $24. Very reasonably priced and this dish was rich and very comforting. The carrots were one of the stars in this dish and I really enjoyed it :)
After dinner I was completely shocked with a SURPRISE party followed by a Hummer limo to Commonwealth downtown- (think ugly cry). What an incredible night!!! I have the MOST AMAZING friends- so blessed! XOXOX
One of my besties Courtney :)
Party time!
Pretty sure I had a good time ;)


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