Nathan's Restaurant & Bar


Happy Friday everyone! On a cold, windy day like today I met some good friends for lunch and although we were hoping to hit up Local 522, it was packed. We ended up at Nathan's Restaurant & Bar next door located at 550 6th Avenue which is a very casual restaurant that also randomly offers an Indian buffet? Whatever- it was cold and we were all HUNGRY! The waitress was really nice and so were a few delicious bevy's that we had. Apparently Nathan's gets pretty packed at night during the weekend with people gathering to party. Who would have known? Here is what we had:
Mike ordered a clubhouse. Can't go wrong right? This smelled so good... He chose brown bread to be "healthy" but stuck with fries. hehe came to $14
Chanty opted for fish and chips which see said "tasted a lot better than they looked"... Hahaha!
I was a good girl and chose the Greek salad which was actually super tasty. Not overdressed and I donated my garlic bread but other than that it was really satisfying and healthy :)


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