The Metropolitan Grill


I seem to frequent The Met quite often with clients and it always has great food and is used to a large number of customers slamming them for lunch between 11 am and 1 pm. We always book at the central TD Square location on 8th Avenue and I LOVE their lobster mac and great salad choices. The Met changes up their menu quite a bit and I enjoy taking clients there because it is a hip atmosphere and generally quite quiet in the dining room. Here is what we dined on on a busy Monday at The Met.. My male clients especially appreciate dining at The Met with all of the attractive servers in skirts ;) .. PFFT:
I decided to take a lighter approach and decided on the Delmonico salad which had steak, stewed tomatoes, hard boiled egg, candied pecans, romaine, blue cheese and the most amazing part- CANDIED PORK BELLY.. Think candied bacon. It was almost to decadent to eat all of those pieces but a very satisfying salad for $17
A great client of ours ordered the candied salmon salad with pecans and goat cheese which she raved about. There seemed to be a large difference in portion size from mine to hers with hers being quite a bit larger. It was also a tad hard for her to stir the salad so a bigger bowl would have been nice. Goat cheese and salmon- always a winning combination :)
My boss ordered the seafood club which I was drooling over on the menu and may have influenced his decision. Crab, lobster, prawns and mayo on brioche served with a wild mushroom soup. Oh man I wanted to this!


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