Master's Pub Spirits & "Fine Food"


Master's Pub, located at 707, 6th Street SW, has certainly mastered the art of homemade pizza... As for anything else on the menu- I would proceed with caution. My work wife and I dined here today for lunch and although I adored my za, the daily special was sub par at best. The staff seemed a bit frazzled by the busier than normal Christmas diners and they were literally running from one table to the next and a few customers seemed a bit tiffed they had to wait for a menu. Pizza is definitely their specialty and most of the regulars seemed to be noshing on the thin crust perfection... Some of the other dishes looked a tad bit helter skelter and when the waitress came by initially she even said "our pizzas are homemade and delicious".. I took her advice... Here is what we had:
Lisa's "daily special" for $13.95... Chicken in a mushroom sauce with pasta and veggies.... The pasta was something to be desired with no more than butter and a bit of Parmesan.. The selection of veggies cracks me up too- one little floret of broccoli. Lisa couldn't make it through the chicken which she described as rubbery and chewy... Not the best looking either. Kind of reminds me of a weeknight meal that you throw together for your family.
I chose the "Master's Pizza" with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers and hold the onion for $17.. All of their pizza's were $17 regardless the toppings which I found to be a tad steep for a personal sized pizza. YES,. I did eat the whole thing. Don't judge me. It was damn good and the place smelled like a pizza joint- definitely the right choice. I really liked the thin crust and cheese that went to the edge of the crust. I will be back again .. For ZA!


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