Chicago Chophouse


YuMmM... Yesterday was one of those "I WANT A BURGER AND FRIES" kinda days.. which don't come along very often for me. The building I work in backs onto Chicago Chophouse so it's an easy choice to take a great client for a yummy meal... Especially on a cold day when I don't have to work far. Really wish my office building was attached to a +15- love going out with no coat. Chicago Chophouse is obviously famous for their steaks but they have a really large lunch menu to satisfy a wide array of appetites. Chicago Chophouse is located at 604-8th Avenue SW and here is what we dined on yesterday:
My lunch date has recently lost a lot of weight and looks awesome! He is on a new meal plan and works out three times per week. A lot of diets will tell you that if you have to cheat- sometimes a burger isn't the worst. Normally it is lean ground beef and the bun is the only real sin. Okay and the cheese. and possible mayo. This is the Chophouse Burger with prime beef, boar bacon, cheddar, balsamic mayo on a kaiser bun for $17. The best part about Chicago Chophouse is the wide array of sides you can choose from, everything from mac & cheese, asparagus, creamed spinach, loaded baked potato, cottage cheese, onion rings, sauteed mushrooms ETC! Wicked!
Burger, fries and gravy for boss man. The fries are home cut and made of Kennebec potatoes meaning they are really flavorful and seasoned well. YuM!
Although I was after a burger and fries the boys beat me to it so I asked the waiter for his advice and he suggested the onion rings which were HEAVENLY and came with a great aioli to dip them in. I also chose the Chophouse Brisket Reuben $18 which was very unique for a reuben- it tasted more like beef on a bun or something because of the tender brisket meat. The marble rye was perfectly toasted but the bottom got a tad soggy. Either way the Swiss cheese was perfectly melted and who can complain about a pickle?! Our meal took forever to come though- I highly recommend an appy to tie you over!


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