Bookers & Birthday's


 Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are having an awesome day... I am... Because it's my BIRTHDAY! YAYYY! Let the week of festivities begin.. Yep... My birthday normally lasts a week- I am spoiled rotten :D. Last night one of my good guy friends took me to Bookers BBQ Grill and Crab Shack located at 10, 316-3rd Street SE. Bookers is part of Vintage's chain of restaurants including Red Water, Vintage Chophouse, RUSH, etc. Luckily we had a gift card or I would NOT think our meals were worth the price of admission. I have been to Bookers once before for drinks but never to eat. Being a BBQ & CRAB SHACK you'd think you would have an option of ribs you could enjoy aka. baby back, beef etc or a choice of crab aka. snow crab or Alaskan King Crab. What a shame. Here is what we had:
My date had a steak sandwich which he said was good.. Then again he ordered medium well so could he REALLY tell? hehe I'm an Albertan snob ;) ;) ... The fries looked home cut and there was also some KFCish gravy. Not bad he said.
I ordered the "two meat BBQ combo" for $24.95 and got a half rack of ribs with their traditional rub and Kansas City BBQ sauce and a half pound of snow crab. You have your choice of three BBQ sauces for the ribs and I chose the more traditional flavor- she said the other two were either sweet or sweet and sour. The first thing I did was bite into my ribs... Which were cold.. and dry... I liked the rub on the ribs but I could NOT get over how DRY they were. I know they have been roasting for "4 hours" but for a rib place these were disgraceful. The crab was overcooked and didn't slide out of the shell like perfectly cooked crab should. I also am not a huge fan of snow crab since it is smaller and more fiddly to crack. I definitely won't be rushing back and I've heard a few of my friends say the same about Bookers.
I've been pretty spoiled in the food department though! Look at this amazing ice cream cake my girlfriends got for me!!! I walked into sparklers, candles and a happy birthday tune! YAY! I LOVE ICE CREAM CAKE! MY FAVORITE!
I was a TAD bit excited ;)
At work today my amazing co-workers set up a taco bar! How much fun is this!!! Spicy beef and ALLLL the fixings. Even tiny cubed dill pickles- man that is good on a taco. Jalapenos, guac, cheese, and all different shells. I felt special :D
CRAVE cupcakes for dessert.. I chose a red velvet one. Yum! They have a new "pop up" crave in Holt Renfrew...
Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and love today!!! James is picking me up in an hour for dinner.... He keeps telling me we have to leave early to beat the line up at Moxies aka HE BETTER BE JOKING! HEHEHE! Photos to follow and have a fabulous weekend ;)


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