Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts


Christmas at the Cooper & Shepherd's!
This was one of those weekends that was full of eating, drinking and being merry. We had a great time visiting friends and celebrating the season including the above annual Christmas party at our good friend Alicia & Matt's place Saturday night. They got us each our own little stocking and we had a ton of great finger food. I made one of my favorite dishes for the holidays- bacon wrapped water chestnuts! My mom only makes these once a year and I was happy to carry on the tradition this weekend for two events. Here are the directions- super easy with only three ingredients!
Before popping in the microwave for the final cooking process
1 package bacon (1 lb.)
2 cans whole water chestnuts
Bull's Eye Bold Original BBQ sauce
Lay bacon on a cookie sheet and cook in the oven until nearly done but still malleable. The reason for this is that the bacon will cook flat and not curl up. Remove from oven and pat dry.
Rinse water chestnuts under water.
Cut a bacon strip in half and roll water chestnut in the bacon and secure with a toothpick. For larger chestnuts cut in half. Liberally coat bacon wraps in BBQ sauce and refrigerate until ready to cook.
Place bacon wraps on a cookie sheet or ridged baker and cook in the oven or microwave until crispy. Yum! I prefer these even to bacon wrapped scallops because scallops can be so easily overdone and are much more expensive.
Pre-BBQ sauce


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