Aman and Andrea in the kitchen!
For this post I think all I need to do is show you some photos with descriptions.. We ate, we drank, we were hella merry. This was an incredible meal that we will not soon forget.. MUCH better than going to a restaurant. This was prepared with love, in house. FOODGASM!
To start Aman made this beautiful arugula salad with beets, cranberry goat cheese and toasted pecans. He joked that a "blind man" could make the dressing followed by stating "it was a 5 part salting combination"... RIIIIGHT ?!
Try to envision the SMELL right now... BACON and BUTTERNUT SQUASH risotto made with a very special carnaroli rice that Aman and Steph brought back from Italy.... I dieee.
First Aman rendered the fat from the bacon and added his aromatics: garlic and shallots followed by the carnaroli in which he completely covered in the fat. Then he deglazed the pan with some of the Prosecco we were drinking and kept adding chicken stock to make it creamy... And of course some Parmesan cheese. TO DIE FOR!
This beautifully wrapped package is a pork tenderloin wrapped in sausage and bacon. You heard me.. pork on pork married to pork. AMAZING! Each layer is sealed with a bit of egg white to keep it all together. The sausage was actually Spolumbo sausage that was decased and enhanced with different spices and flavors. Wow.
TA DA!!! We put the pork under the broiler for a bit to crisp up the skin :)
Plating! The sauce over the pork is just browned butter with a myriad of spices such as cardimum, cinnamon, allspice etc.
A thing of beauty! The flavors blew our minds! AMAZING JOB THANK YOU AMAN!
My dessert contribution! Check below for the recipe :)


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