Happy Tuesday everyone! I am sorry for my absence these past few days. I have been sick with a cold and finally on the mend. Feeling much better today and ready to blog some good eats! On Thursday a great client took my work wife and I to Zen, formally known as Zen 8, is located at 103-414 3td Street SW. Zen 8 was previously owned by Penny Lane Entertainment Group and was recently purchased by the general manager and head chef and changed their name to "Zen". Zen is one of my favorite places in the city to get sushi. The fish is always incredibly fresh and "clean"- clean means you will not taste any fishy essence at all and I really love some of their funky rolls. I wouldn't say that is the cheapest sushi place in Calgary but it is one of the best quality... Here is how I broke our "4 Hour Body Diet" on Thursday and indulged in a fun feast!:
We started off with some super yummy tempura- asparagus, yam and prawn. Delicious!
If there is one thing I have learned over the years- it is how much sushi to order! The suggested serving size is 10 pieces per person so we each ordered a roll. Top left you will see spicy tuna, top right is the AMAZING Samurai roll which is pretty much a California roll with tiny shrimp tossed in mayo (OMG YUM MY NEW FAV!), Kamikazee roll in the middle with a great crunch and lots of tuna and a rainbow roll at the bottom. Everyone LOVED this sushi!
Close up of the Samurai roll (top) and Kamikazee roll.... DELICIOUS! My two favorites by a long shot
I was trying to stick to my diet a bit and got some salmon sashimi which was so fresh and my favorite- special scallop tossed in mayo. YUM!
Close up of the rainbow roll. Our eyes got a bit bigger than our stomachs and we ended up ordering another spicy tuna and Samurai roll which ended up being a bit too much. Remember 10 pieces each is normally a perfect amount :)


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