Ox and Angela


There has been SO much buzz surrounding this new South and Central American inspired restaurant located at 528 17th Avenue SW that opened at the beginning of July... Couldn't wait to check it out! The owners of UNA Pizza and Wine opened this second restaurant and what a great amount of effort and detail has gone into their food and cocktail menus. James and I arrived early last night and had a glass of vino in the lounge. Sitting at the wood was really entertaining watching the experienced bar tender mix up a bunch of specialty drinks and garnishes included everything from mint to orchids to grapes... What a great place to have a drink! Once our dear friend and dinner date arrived we moved over to the small, white-walled dining room that was dark and inviting with candles flickering and mirrored walls. Ox and Angela's food is meant to be served "family sized" and most of the meat entrees are not to be taken on alone so we ordered a bunch of things and shared- my favorite! We were impressed that we were even able to stick to our 4 Hour Body Diet! They do say that Mexican and Thai food is the best for this and I suppose this was Latin American. Here is what we had:
"CALAMAR" for $11 that was spice rubbed squid, grilled watermelon and shaved radish. We were happy to see that the squid was not batter so we could stay on track and OMG... Grilled watermelon?! My new favorite food! The watermelon tasted marinated and having it warm was surprisingly comforting. It went so great with the squid and how unique!
"COCTEL de GAMBAS" aka. Prawn cocktail for $12... This is the only dish that unimpressed me a bit. The prawns themselves seemed a tad overcooked and the prawn "cocktail sauce" was really watering tomato sauce I guess that didn't really stick to any of the corn chips or the shrimp. Maybe this is true Latino but I wasn't a fan.
For our shared protein entree or "Parella" we had the "PESCADO ENVUELTO" or snapper in a charred banana leaf. You should have smelt this when it arrived! Amazing.. Perfectly cooked and love the flavor from the banana leaf.
OMG... This was definitely our favorite- housemade chorizo with beer braised peppers, parsley and salt... I cannot stop thinking about this and will be back.. How perfect that there were three too! :)
CALABACITAS or shaved zucchini, crushed almond, mint and queso fresco for $9 served chilled. Really light and refreshing. Although we expected it to be a warm dish it really hit the spot!
FRIJOLES or pan fried fava beans, serrano ham and a fried egg for $10. This came out a little later than everything else because they apparently broke the yolk on the first egg but wowza.. WORTH THE WAIT! You'd think I'd be extremely sick of eggs, beans and ham with the 4 Hour Body Diet but the egg yolk mixed with the fava beans was amazing. I really enjoyed this side dish!!! Kind of like eggs and bacon or something.
The waitress suggested we get one more accompaniment to go with our protein dishes and suggested this refreshing salad with pickled tomato, crisp potato, lemon and radish slices. Really good!
Cappuccinos to top off a great feast. Thank you Ox & Angela- we will be back. And I have GOT to try one of your cocktails!


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