Essence Restaurant


Essence is located right beside The Keg in the Westin Hotel located at 320 4th Avenue. Essence serves breakfast and has an all day menu that is popular for business people and hotel guests downtown. I decided to take a good client here today because it is normally quiet and we can hear each other to catch up but it was super busy and loud today unfortunately. Not as loud as The Keg downtown though- wowza we have all but banned meetings there because of the volume of music and voices during the lunch hour. The lunch was quite good and I was really happy with what I ordered. I do find the food quite overpriced and the service a tad slow though.. I guess they are playing on the corporate angle with most guests dining with a company credit card. Here is what we had!:
I was not able to partake in the freshly baked bread with an olive whipped butter and olive oil side but it smelled delicious!
Being a good girl I chose the broiled green tea-lacquered salmon in shittake essence. The original dish came with sweet potatoes but since we are staying away from carbs I asked for asparagus and there were also fava beans (perfect!), spinach and shitake mushrooms for $32.50. Super good I loved the broth it was in.
Shitty picture but I try to not get too "in there" at business lunches... haha. This is the grilled steak salad with romaine, avocado, caramelized onions, peppers and caesar dressing for $18.50
The special on Wednesday is prime rib with a big yorkshire pudding, garlic mash and veggies.. My cattle rancher boss got this one and really enjoyed it. This is what I DEFINITELY would have ordered had I not been so strict :p
Essence is ESSENTIALLY good.. I wouldn't recommend it for anything other than a business meeting your NOT paying for though.


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