Escoba Bistro & Wine Bar


I know... I blog about Escoba a lot.. I probably dine there more than I even blog about it but I work right around the corner from it at 624 8th Avenue and I love their menu! Not to mention you get a free wine sample every time you sit down. What's not to like? There are tons of different choices on their depending on what you are feeling like (you must try the elk and bison duo.. oh my) and for right now... Diet friendly. I met my foodie soul mate Aman for lunch yesterday and here is what we had on this windy lunch hour:
We were in the mood for something lighter- very unusual for us considering we normally split a bottle of vino and get at least three dishes. Aman chose the poached pear salad with golden beets, pickled red onion, manchego cheese and crispy Proscuitto. Aman added "charred chicken" which he was hoping would be more blackened and flavorful. They should really just call this grilled chicken. Not a cheap salad at $23 either.
Continuing on the 4 Hour Body so diet I stuck to meat and veg. I got the grilled vegetable salad with chorizo sausage for $24. The chorizo was fantastic- what a great choice. I loved the balsamic vinaigrette but always wish the veggies were warm in this dish instead of cold. Either way still very delicious and I loved the button mushrooms.
One of the biggest reasons for our lunch date was to discuss Aman's exciting new business venture: THE NAACO TRUCK! The newest food truck coming to your mouth in Spring 2012- it's a spicy affair ;)
I absolutely love the idea and am so proud of Aman for conceptualizing such a unique combination- Indian tacos?! Even better: butter chicken, beef vindaloo and falafels served in naan bread. You can get combination's with basmati rice and tea or mogo fries and tea. What are mogo fries you ask? Your going to have to wait and see! Love the tag line: "My Naaco, your mouth, Spring 2012". Congrats and can't wait for Calgary to experience Aman's cuisine and hilarious personality.


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