Double Zero Pizza


I blogged about Double Zero Pizza in August which you can find here and really enjoyed it.. Yesterday I was craving some good, thin crust pizza again yesterday so my boss and I bellied up to the bar and had us a feast! Double Zero is located across from Holt Renfrew at 751 4th Street SW and serves pizza, pasta, wine and beer for business lunches or great dinners since April 2011. Tangerine Supper Club used to be in this basement location but wasn't nearly as successful as Double Zero which was absolutely packed when we got there at 11:30 am yesterday. Here is what we noshed on:
Woulda you like a spicy meat ball ? These "00 Meatballs" were absolutely delicious for $12! Made from a blend of pork and beef for more flavor and served with a tomato "gravy".. The meat was super tender and piping hot. So comforting on a chilly day.
I have been hearing about this potato pizza on food blogs and Calgary magazines and had to try it! This is a spinach and potato pizza with quite a few roasted garlic cloves and a Free Range egg cooked sunny side up right in the middle of the pizza for $16. I have to be honest- I found this pizza bit bland. The potato flavor was not too bad but I expected a bit more pop from the egg and a tad more tang. It was a bit boring and I was longing for something zest it up such as a salty meat or some depth in flavor. I wouldn't order this again but I'm glad I tried it. James wouldn't go near me all night as I REEKED of garlic as well. I asked for some hot sauce and was brought chili oil and chili flakes. The chili oil was surprisingly mild and didn't really help the boring taste of this pizza. UNA Pizza & Wine also has an infamous potato pizza which I think I would enjoy more because it features truffle oil.
Terrible photo but this za was much better. Duck confit with pancetta and mushrooms... I still want something to dip my crusts in though as it gets really dry near the end and the first few bites are definitely the best.. Maybe some aioli's would be great to put on the menu!
I am coming back to try the salami, goat cheese and olive pizza.. Can't wait!


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