Can I share my cravings with you?!?! Ya know.. Just one or two things? This protein, veg, beans diet is really starting to take it's toll on my food happiness level... THIS is the diet we are on. Look how joyful and upbeat I sound in this post? I just finished mowing down a salad with eggs, beans and ham.. I know you are jealousss! My husband thinks I am torturing myself watching cooking shows, dreaming about food and now.. I am going to BLOG A SMORGASBOARD! Luckily our binge day is only two sleeps away.. BRING IT ON!!! Here is what I am craving the most.. Right now... Get in my mouth:
WARM CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. CAPS LOCK. Homemade, straight from the oven with a glass of milk. Did I mention we are not allowed dariy?!?! Cookie batter... Gooey chocolate... *DROOL*
A specialty coffee! I would like a peppermint mocha latte or a Nutella latte please.. STAT! Warm and sweet and festive.
My mom makes these amazing little dandies at Christmas. Marshmallows dipped in caramel rolled in Rice Krispies.
In particular- Pulcinella Italian style pizza. Quatro fromaggio with extra basil. Mmmmm
Garlic cheese bread
Perfectly cooked grilled cheese...
Bacon-wrapped little smokes in a brown sugar and maple glaze. Oh yes.
Crab stuffed mushroom caps.
French. Onion. Soup.
Oh back to sweets.. Ice cream cakeeeee
Fried ice cream. If you've never had this.. The next time you are eating Mexican you must.. MUST ORDER IT!
Pie bites
Apple nachos- perfect girls night snack.. No fruit for meeee :(
Take me back to Paris. PRONTO.
Classy McDicks hehehe
Oh yes.
Frozen banana bites
Okay let me just wipe the tears off of my keyboard now... I promise I will blog each and every glorious binge cheat this time... Cannot wait to share this with you... Hope I didn't make you too hungry... ;)


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