Chuckwagon Cafe


If you are up for a beautiful weekend drive or craving an incredibly delicious breakfast, I highly recommend the Chuckwagon Cafe in Turner Valley. Good friends of ours introduced us to this small town gem a few years back and Saturday morning James and I were headed to the Millarville Market- which ended up being closed until next weekend- and ended up at Chuckwagon. This quaint barn style restaurant will NOT disappoint. All of their beef is free range organic AAA beef and O.M.G. one of the BEST breakfast's we have ever had! I love the homey feeling inside this restaurant with antiques and branding iron stamps for decorations and country music blaring. It feels like home and the staff are so friendly and welcoming. Here are a few photos of the interior and what we had... that I can't stop thinking about:
Antique stove for coffee and cups :)
Cute interior and homey accents
The real star of the hour- the FOOD! The special of the day was an $18.99 eggs benedict with thinly sliced beef tenderloin served on a toasted croissant. O.M.F.G. The croissant in itself was buttery and delicious never mind the perfectly seasoned and melt-in-your-mouth beef. Wow. James had home cut potatoes with his.
I had a side of fruit with mine which I was happy was not all melon and contained some kiwi and grapes. I made the switch to fruit last minute and the staff was very accommodating.
Oh ya... Absolute perfection
On the drive back through Okotoks James stopped at the historic Big Rock, Alberta to take a look at the "big rock" that Big Rock Brewery gets its name from. I guess it's his randomness that I love...
Looks kind of strange to see such a large quartz rock in the middle of the prairies. This Albertan landmark was actually carried out on a glacier thousands of years ago starting at around Jasper in the Rocky Mountains all the way out to near Black Diamond. Hard to believe!


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