The 4-Hour Body


Yesterday James and I have begun a new diet plan to get ourselves in shape before Hawaii in February. This "diet plan" is quite interesting and we read extensively about it before settling on this one after a few of our friends have lost around 20 lbs. or had a 20 lb. "body re-composition" from this book. I have found that since house boating I have just been eating whatever I want, when I want and it is starting to show in the way my clothes fit and the way I feel. Apparently the first week of this diet is the hardest but after that it becomes quite a bit easier. James and I even went and got our body fat and measurements tested this weekend to really see some results from the diet. Stay tuned and *maybe* I will even post some before and after photos ;) ... The best thing about this diet is you get one insane binge day per week which they suggest for Saturday... The book tells you to go completely nuts and you can have three servings of pizza if you like. They do suggesting starting the day off with a glass of grapefruit juice which helps. Here is the basis of the diet and some of the "rules":
  •  4 meals per day, no snacking
  • Avoid all "white" carbohydrates aka. all breads, rice, cereal, potatoes, pastas, tortillas, and fried food with breading. We have NEVER completely taken carbs out of our diet so I think we will see results with that alone. Previously we have done the "GI Diet" and switched the whole grains but not like this
  • Eat the same few meals over and over again. (BLECH!!!... I LOVE VARIETY!) Meals should have protein, legumes and vegetables, 4 hours apart
  • Don't drink calories but LOTS of water, tea and coffee (black but you can add cinnamon). You are also allowed 2 glasses of red wine per day. WOOOO! 
  • Don't eat fruit. Exceptions are tomatoes and avocados
  • Take one day off per week and go nuts... We are already dreaming of pizza and sushi...
  • Use spices and herbs not cream sauces or processed sauces
  • Breakfast is important- eat at least 30 g of protein. Eggs, spinach and lentils are a perfect breaky
  • For dining out Mexican and Thai places are good. Try subbing more veg for carbs
  • Common mistakes: eating too late (morning and night), not eating enough protein (you shouldn't feel hungry and do not need to snack. So far we are really full)
Here are what some of our meals have looked like so far. I do have to say that I feel great cutting carbs, dairy and sugar out thus far. I find that I have a lot of stomach attacks because I am mildly lactose intolerant and I don't feel as bloated:
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, lentils, spinach & green beans
How disgusting does this look? Bean salad... Definitely my least favorite part so far. The texture is just wrong. The bean combo is mixed with basil and balsamic vinegar though which is good. I like green and kidney beans the best... I'm having trouble stomaching the black beans. I guess chick peas are considered a "domino effect" food meaning a few are okay but eating hummus or a ton of them are just fattening.
Dinner last night was so good! Coconut curry over bean sprouts and green beans. Weird not having any rice or anything but we found that we didn't miss it. For my second lunch I had a really big spinach salad with hard boiled eggs, carrots and a bunch of mixed greens.
Breakfast day 2
Stay tuned as we make our way through this.. Love how we can have wine and of course: BINGE DAY! I plan on working out 3-4x per week and seeing how that goes. Tomorrow night we are also eating out for the first time at a restaurant so we will see how that goes... We plan on substituting any carb sides for extra veg. COME ON HAWAII!!!
Here is a couple that is living The Four-Hour Body:


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