Thai Boat


Natasha & I this summer
There are some people you meet in life that you click instantly with... Natasha is a perfect example of that for me. We met in early 2011 at one of the random Foreplay Friday events and hit it off instantly... Since then we have been on numerous Foreplay Friday adventures, girls nights and house boating! I decided to give this lil' lady a visit outside of the downtown core for lunch today before she jet sets off to Vegas (again) and we had a yummy meal at Thai Boat located near her office at 2323 32 Avenue NE right across from Joey's on Barlow. I thought we should try something out of the box instead of just the usual Joey's and we had a great combo for two... I'll tell you one thing- food is much cheaper outside of the core! I always notice it is around 30% cheaper. This particular combo was $28.99 for all of the following dishes:
We had this salad to start with tomatoes, carrots and mushrooms.. Quite a big quantity and we didn't finish everything but the lettuce was really fresh and crisp and the salad was not overdressed.
Coconut rice in an awesome serving dish!
Chicken sautee with a really yummy peanut sauce and spring rolls served with a chili sauce. Both were really great... Could have done for this entire platter to myself ;)
Cashew chicken.. This was great with a good variety of vegetables. My fav is when there are snow peas in the veggie mix too but we got a good crunch from the cashews and celery. One big thing I miss about Thailand- tons of cashews in dishes because they are so abundant there!
This shrimp dish had a bit of a kick to it and reminded me of a milk curry with prawns, mushrooms, red and green peppers. I really liked the sauce poured over my rice.. Yum!
Thai Boat really hit the spot today at lunch! The menu was a bit cheesy with tons crossed out and it was hard to tell what was a combination and what were individual dishes.. The ambiance was also a tad tacky.. But hey- the food was good and reasonable for Thai. I think a menu overhaul would make a big difference for them. Thanks for the fun lunch Tash! :)


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