Sonoma Market Cafe


Chanty and I at the most recent Foreplay Friday
I am lucky to work really close to one of my best friends and fellow downtown diva, Chantalle. She is one of my very favorite people to dine with having a developed palette and always up for testing out a new restaurant to my liking: appetizer, entree and dessert... And a glass of vino at lunch of course! We both have a shared obsession with pizza and find ourselves e-mailing each other in the morning "what are we craving today.. Chinese? Vietnamese? ZA?" Ohhhh how I love working downtown for the wide array of dining choices. One of our favorites is a restaurant located in the +15's called Sonoma Market Cafe at 520 5 Avenue SW. Sonoma has a wide variety of brunch and lunch items including yummy sandwiches, flat crust pizza, pasta, curries and more! There is always something comforting to be had and I have never been disappointed with the food at Sonoma or the cozy ambiance and indoor patio. Here is what we had:
Tuna melt! Chantalle always gets what I want... and then I sit there and drool over her meal. This open faced tuna sandwich was served on a ciabatta bun with tomatoes and cheese melted on top. The Sonoma salad was really good too with sundried tomatoes, almonds and feta dressed in a balsamic sauce. Yum! Great lunch and for a good price- $10.99
I was craving something comforting so I chose the mac n' cheese with the Sonoma salad. The sauce was a 4 cheese and was quite creamy. I'm not a huge fan of penne but these were soft and not too al dente which was good. A bit tooooo creamy for me and some of the noodles were swimming.. Not my fav mac n' cheese but still good... Try some of Sonoma's weekly specials and you cannot go wrong with the sandwiches. Yum!


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