Plaka Greek Taverna


I had a really great Pampered Chef show on Sunday all the way in Brooks so I decided to take James out to celebrate! It was a bit of a long day with the driving and a really busy show but it definitely paid off.. I was craving Italian but James convinced me to try Plaka Greek Taverna located at 285 Shawville Boulevard Southeast #7. He spotted this restaurant a while ago and has been wanting to try it ever since.. James' favorite restaurants are "hole's in the wall" and this definitely fit his criteria. There were a bunch of good reviews on Urban Spoon and the small, intimate atmosphere was exactly what we were looking for. Here is what we had:
Saganaki! Incredibly good pan seared cheese they set aflame
Saganaki is meant to be eaten solo but we ordered a side of pita just because... The pita was really fresh and piping hot.. YUM! I've raved about saganaki before- ORDER IT! You won't be disappointed ;) OPA!
We decided to get the dinner platter for two for $49.95 which included beef and chicken souvlaki, calamari, spanakopita (spinach and feta in filo pastry), Tiropita (feta cheese in filo pastry), moussaka which is an eggplant dish with potatoes on top- similar to shepherd's pie I would say, rice and potatoes. This rice was some of the BEST I have ever had in my life. I'm not a huge fan of rice but this was exceptional. James wanted a doggy bag for the next day and they threw in the rest of the rice and some pita for free! Great service!


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