Japanese Village


 Japanese Village is a great place to go for a special event such as a birthday, anniversary or group meal. Don't be surprised if you get dressed up in Geisha clothing and made to dance to the "happy happy song"! You will dine at a teppan-grill of around 10 people with your own personal chef who will entertain, cook and feed you over the course of one hour. Japanese Village has locations in Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary and you will NOT leave hungry. At dinner you choose the type of meat you would like: filet mignon, New York striploin, shrimp, teriyaki chicken, salmon, lobster, etc and your meal will include egg drop soup, salad, yaki shrimp appetizer, vegetables, steamed rice, and a dessert of sorbet or ice cream. Dinner meals vary anywhere between $24.95 - 49.99 but the real trick with Japanese Village is to dine here at LUNCH! They have just raised their prices but for a combination of meats or your choice you can get nearly the same meal for $9.45 - $14.25!!! I dined here yesterday for lunch and instead of getting soup AND salad you choose one or the other and you don't get shrimp or dessert.. Big deal it is 1/4 of the cost! I highly recommend Japanese Village for lunch as they also have a strict policy on dining for exactly one hour or under before the next reservation comes in so you will get back to work on time. This has caused some grief in the past for dinner customers though so be aware that one hour is the maximum to dine at the teppan grill. Here is what we had yesterday... YuM!:
I chose the salad and my date had the soup. I love the tangy dressing they put on the salad.
Lunch grilling up. It's all about the smells and sizzle.
Japanese Village is very famous for their homemade sauces. This is the very popular steak sauce that I could literally drink! I always get the grill master to pour a scoop on my rice... Yum! They also sell the steak sauce by the bottle but because it is made with all fresh ingredients and no preservatives it only lasts for ~ 4 days. Great idea for a dipping sauce for a BBQ though!
I chose Filet Mignon for my meal for $14.25... Great price I think for all that you receive. The chef asks how you would like your steak cooked and then cubes it and sautees the meat in butter and a touch of wasabi... Mmmm nothing beats dipping it in their famous steak sauce!
My meal before the bean sprouts and sesame seeds were served. WHATEVER YOU DO! GET YAKI YAKI SHRIMP! A side order is around $3.99 at lunch for about 7 shrimp but at dinner I normally get as many as humanly possible.. A combo with steak and shrimp and then EXTRA shrimp! Trust me it is SO good and the ginger seafood sauce is even better.
Dine at Japanese Village at lunch instead of dinner to save a ton of cash and waddle back to the office on time! Every single seat was taken yesterday when we were dining so reservations are recommended for the 317 10th Avenue SW location 403-262-2738


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