FARM Grilled Cheese Bar


Grilled cheese menu!
 FARM is located at 1006 17th Avenue SW and is infamous for it's Janice Beaton fine cheese selection located at the back of the restaurant, grilled cheese bar and local fare. Janice Beaton has been providing Calgary with a gourmet selection of cheeses since 2000 and has just recently opened FARM and The Grilled Cheese bar which offers a selection of warm and melty sandwiches, a variety of charcuterie and condiments and other ingredients such as tomatoes, beverages and fine crackers. FARM works closely with Albertan farmers who care for their animals and respect their land... I found this restaurant to have a real "family feel" with wooden tables that can be sat at family style with other diners and soup served in vintage tea cups. One of my downtown diva girlfriends and I were craving grilled cheese yesterday so I picked her up to sample their grilled cheese bar! I really want to eat at the restaurant as well and try their mac n' cheese but the grilled cheese really hit the spot and was only $7.50 with a side of coleslaw. The cheese deli was making us drool with its wide selection of European and local cheese... FARM also serves brunch, fondue on Sunday nights and has a "Prix Fixe" dinner menu for $30 for 3 courses. Definitely worth checking out! The open style kitchen is really entertaining to watch and my only complaint is that they did not serve tomato soup at their grilled cheese bar... Really?! No tomato soup! I was dying for a bowl and disappointed I couldn't even get the soup of the day at the grilled cheese bar.. I recommend they round the $7.50 grilled cheese combo up to $10 and make a great roasted tomato soup! I would definitely be back for that ;) .. Here is what we indulged in:
Large selection of cheeese yummm
*SIGH*... reminds me of Europe except it would cost around 2 EURO for a triple cream wheel of brie.. I WISH!
Chantalle chose the "Whim of the Day" which had copa ham, balsamic onions, grainy mustard and a mild cheese. It was really delicious but I found the coleslaw borderline comical because it was so damn small.. It had apples, celery, cucumbers and carrots but I think a bigger portion would have been more satisfying for a meal. I cannot say a bad thing about the AMAZING ciabatta though. Wow... Clearly homemade and so extremely fresh.
I chose the "FARM" grilled cheese with Oka cheese, 3 year cheddar and tomato chili jam. The sweet tomato jam definitely made the sandwich... SO GOOD! And the crusty roll which was literally crunch on the outside and super soft and fresh on the inside.
Great work Janice Beaton! I will be back ;)


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