Eye candy


Apparently I didn't eat anything exciting this weekend and was busy with Pampered Chef, a stagette and relaxing with the hubby... Here is some eye candy for you on this warm autumn Tuesday from my addiction: Pinterest! All I feel like doing lately is baking up a storm and mowing down on some decadent desserts... Chocolate, peanut butter, nuts... Combo of everything... Must be the season?! Can't wait for Christmas baking! Have a great day!!!
Tie-dye cupcakes
MMMM!!!! These would be fun for Halloween
MUST try to make this!
10 layer bars... Oh. My. Word.
Cute & Easy Christmas tree cookies
Peanut butter Rice Krispie treats.. All I want to do is bake right now!
Cookie bowls!!!
Brownie cookie dough sandwiches... Wowza
Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake
Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart
Dip balloons into chocolate. Pop when harden. Add ice cream.
Flower cupcakes! .. Sooo pretty
Pretzel, Rolo, pecan
Smore pops!
Coconut milk whipped "cream".. healthy alternative!
Banoffee Pie (who knew that boiling a can of condensed milk turns it into toffee?)
Disco cupcake!!! This makes me smile :)
Campfire cones!!! COOL!~
Cookies decorated with rubber stamps and food coloring.. PRETTY!
Pumpkin pie spiced cake pops
Rubik's cake!
Wizard of OZ cupcakes
Mint chocolate chip cookies
Golden Graham smore bars.
Homemade Butterfinger bars!
Feel like a sweet treat now?!!?? SOWEE!


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