Ed's Restaurant


Ed's is a popular pre-game spot for Flames and concert goers due to its location near the Saddledome
Sunday morning my family headed to Ed's Restaurant at 202 17th Avenue before the final matinee showing of Cirque du Soleil's OVO at the Stampede grounds. We were looking for somewhere nearby and I was surprised to learn that Ed's served brunch! Truth be told the "brunch menu" only contains two egg benedict choices and three omelets served on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays until 2 pm but the location was convenient and we didn't have to wait in line. We had our choice of the lunch menu and they were also serving a turkey dinner meal as well we could have chosen but we all decided to have some brunch and some of Ed's "world famous wings" to start... Here is what we thought:
What is brunch without hot wings?! Buffalo wings are a family favorite for us and Ed's rants and raves about their "famous NY style chicken wings"... These really didn't turn our crank though. They were pretty dry and the dipping sauce tasted like sweet mayonnaise and definitely not something to write home about. My dad complained they tasted freezer burnt. We stick to our guns that Earls has the best wings in this city. Always extremely moist and drenched in flavor.
We each had some "lemon soup" to clean off our fingers though.. nice touch ;)
James chose the hash browns with his eggs benedict which I wish I would have done! These are hand cut potatoes with red onion that had some nice flavor and were cooked nice and soft. I hate when I get frozen hash browns so I always try to get fruit salad or something else on the side.
Unfortunately due to Ed's small brunch menu they did not have fruit salad and although a salad seemed like a weird choice it had a nice dressing and seemed more justified after some wings! You have the choice of fries, salad or hash browns as a side with your salmon $13 or ham benedict for $12
My dad chose the ham, cheddar and mushroom omelet for $12 which he wasn't very happy with.. He wished he had gotten the benedict and mentioned it was greasy.
We decided we wanted a sweet treat for dessert! Thanksgiving weekend is about indulging right?! I chose the Grand Marnier chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup served with strawberries and whipped cream for $5. The price was really reasonably and the mousse had a great boozy Grand Marnier flavor
The rest of my fam split the New York style baked vanilla cheesecake with a homemade mixed berry compote, strawberry and chocolate drizzle. This was really yummy and I liked the presentation for $6.25


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