Blowfish Sushi Lounge


YUMMM! I have been to Blowfish before located at 625-11th Avenue SW but just ordered a plain lunch special and didn't really think much of it.. Wow was I missing out! I took a great client there today and we had a SUPER yummy lunch complete with a few bottles o' San Pellegrino sparkling water which I am not normally a fan of but it really turned my crank today. There are so many unique maki rolls at Blowfish and watching the other tables receive their dishes was so interesting! I want to go back here right.. NOW! Here is what we had!:
Prawn tempura for $13 with two separate dipping sauces. One of the dipping sauces was the spicy dynamite sauce that is common with volcano rolls and what looks like soy sauce is actually a sweet glaze that was delicious on the tempura. Yum!
How gorgeous are these Dynamite Rolls? Love the plating and the TASTE! The tempura prawns on top were piping hot and I loved the dynamite sauce... We easily could have gotten two of these ;)
ORDER THESE!!! These are the "Blowfish Special" with prawn tempura (again.. who can resist?), mango, cream cheese, salmon, heaven, fairy dust, angels... The sweet sauce on the plate completed this mouthwatering roll. This was definitely my favorite- I like creamy, sweet rolls with mango/mayo/cream cheese if possible.
No f*cking way... VOLCANO ROLLS.... Shaped like.. VOLCANOES?! Amazing! I have never seen anything like this in my life. These took a while to come out and I was getting impatient until these handcrafted bad boys rolled out. They had a really fresh jalapeno on top complete with tobiko, roe, crab, tuna, avocado and dynamite sauce. WOW!
Can't get over this... So creative! .. Wow have I been missing out. I want to try their "Maui Wowi" roll that has pineapple.. I WILL BE BACK! CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!


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