Vin Room


Enjoying some Malbec on the rooftop patio
One of my best girlfriends, Chantalle, and I had a date last night and decided to hit up Vin Room for some delicious wine and tapas before heading to a Stella & Dot jewelry party. Vin Room won Diner's Choice 2011 on Open Table and we have both heard rave reviews about this cozy restaurant located at 2310-4th Street SW. Vin Room specializes in local ingredients with a global influence and has the largest and most diverse selection of wines by the taste. Wine can be ordered by the taste at 2 oz, 6 oz, 13 oz or by the bottle. I tried to plan a stagette for here earlier this year so I was happy to finally check it out. Our waiter was great and recommended some really delicious dishes we may not have ordered if left to our own accord. It became a bit breezy on the rooftop patio so he even gave us blankets! Felt like I was in Europe again:
Here is what we dined on... What a fun meal! Check Vin Room out for cheap oysters and bubbly Sunday and Mondays :)
We started with our favorite: stackers! Fancy stackers... Elk salami from Fort McLeod, Alberta for $6, Oka cheese made in Quebec for $5, marinated olives for $3 and additional crackers for $3. The platter was also served with some grainy mustard and a truffled honey which tasted great with the cheese. YUM! The meat and cheese are served in 30 gram portions.. We could have had triple the amount so yummy!
This dish is something we would not have ordered had it not been for the suggestion of the waiter and it was our favorite dish! This was the daily $12 "flight and bite" which was "fish and chips" made of halibut cheek that was battered and fried in a sweet batter that reminded me of corn dogs.. Oh yes.. DAMN GOOD. The halibut was cooked PERFECTLY. Really crunchy and fried on the outside and soft and flaky on the inside. The fish was served with house made tartar sauce and laying on top of sweet potato chips. The dish was also served with a "flight" which was a nice glass of white wine that he split between us. Mmmm!
Lamb kabobs for $12 on a bed of sauteed spinach and a tumeric sauce. Super yummy but it was kind of hard to beat the rack of lamb I had the previous night ;) .. I thought the colors and presentation was beautiful though.
Lobster Nachos for $12! Mmmm.... Pico De Gallo (the tomato portion), hot sauce and some type of cheese... These were pretty good but the halibut still stole the show.
At the last minute we decided to try just one more dish. This is the calamari on a bed of cubed sweet potato, bacon cooked to perfection, mint and peas. Definitely different than any calamari we have ever had with it being grilled and not battered and deep fried. The squid was not chewy meaning it had been marinated properly and I found this plating really beautiful. The mint and peas went so great with the squid. Love how they scored the squid to give it a pretty pattern!


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