Tango Bistro!


It was my mom's birthday on Friday and I forgot my camera but luckily my awesome sister in law snapped some really great shots for me! I really love Tango located in the same building as Bolero, Open Sesame and Smugglers at 6920 Macleod Trail South. Tango prides itself on being a globally inspired "small plates bistro" or tapas concept. The shareable plates are larger than an appetizer and smaller than an entree and are perfect for sharing. Tango does not have any heat lamps so the food is brought out piping hot as soon as it is ready and in no particular order. I think this restaurant is a great place to go with a group of people. Super fun to dine at and each of you can order a dish for the table to share and just keep ordering until you are full. The decor is really clean and fresh with white everywhere and splashes of orange throughout. Here is what we had. Happy birthday mama!:
These were SO DAMN GOOD! Wonton crusted prawns with a special  mayonnaise for $12.50. Look at the funky table we sat at too.. Distressed with orange paint.. Really neat and there were long velvet bench seats at this table too.
These are the "inside out buffalo chicken wings".. Not really sure why they are called Inside Out but they are lightly breaded with buffalo hot sauce, blue cheese (my fav) and a cornmeal breading for $8.
This is probably my favorite dish... Pear and Gorgonzola flat bread with pesto and pine nuts and a really good quality balsamic vinegar for $9... *DROOL*.. Anything Gorgonzola has my vote, let's be honest.
Oh my the waitress mentioned this was the best dish on the menu and it was delicious! Wild boar bacon wrapped beef tenderloin with blue cheese cream... Love the presentation of these dishes as well.... :)
I CANNOT stop thinking about these!!! Who would have known that these sugar snap peas in a sweet soy glaze would win us over so much?! They were sprinkled with a Thai ginger salt and were sooo damn yummy! I want to try and make these at home.. Yummm :)
Oh yes yes yes... Hello Mr. Poutine... Mequite chicken poutine with Montreal curds and a chipotle demi glaze.... WOW! This was a really great portion that we could all enjoy and it was absolutely delicious. You have to try Tango!
I insisted we get some veg to go with our decadent dishes.. The peas were a great choice.. These honey and cider glazed beets and carrots were okay... .The beets were great but the carrots were a bit raw and really hard so it would have been better if they were a bit more cooked and softer. These were $7
This dish disappointed me unfortunately. My dad liked the olives in it but there was more garnish and other items than gnocchi which I was going for. This is handmade gnocchi with roasted tomatoes, shaved Parmesan and pancetta...Not the greatest. I was thinking it was in a marinara style sauce because of the roasted tomatoes. False advertising! Would definitely prefer gnocchi in a sauce to share. (Gorgonzola please ;)
Mmm my brother ordered this on the waitress's suggestion and it was really good! Sicilian Flatbread with pulled bocconcini (mini mozzarella), sundried tomatoes, torn basil and Parmesan oil for $10.50. I need to get meself some Parmesan oil... Loved the bocconcini :) .. It was a big joke because my brother said "I think I am going to be BROKEoncini after all these dishes" but our bill was only around $120 for ALL of these dishes... No alcohol though.
Fondue for 2! Bev and I split this for $8. Good but pretty standard
THIS was the dessert we should have ordered... $3.50 banana splits!!! How cute and amazing are these?! Everyone raved about them too... I could go for one of these right now....


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